Zumba Fitness with Anna

Feel the music, find the rhythm in your body!

you can Zumba from a chair too!
Zumba Gold Chair
Chair classes are also an option under the Zumba® Gold format to bring the joy of Zumba® Fitness to those participants who are chair bound and/or have limited mobility. Currently I teach at two assiated care facilities on a weekly basis and finding this work very rewarding.  I'm committed to senior fitness and am in the process of getting a certification for senior fitness.  I'm excited to offer these class so that people who are frail and/or chair-bound can also enjoy the excitment of Zumba and its music and it helps them to move in any way they can to maitain function.

I also taught Zumba on Chair to residents of assisted care facilities with dementia.  I get tremendous satisfaction seeing the smiling faces of my students who are eager to move their bodies and wave their arms to exciting Latin music in class and from watching them improve in their spirits and  mobility week to week. Most part of the class is done sitting on the chair for people who has medical issues or not up to working out in a standing format. Upper body and lower body toning can be done sitting on a chair. Occasionally we use such props as maracas, dish towls, balls, and drum sticks.  I'm continuing to  refine my  Zumba Gold program to suit students of different physical fitness levels and hopefully to offer more classes in Santa Rosa to benefit our senior community.  For this goal, I'm currently pursuing a certification in senior adult fitness from the College of Marin.  I'm also getting certified in a program called Wheelchair Taiji - a Taichi program officially recognized the Chinese Government practiced from a wheelchair. Taichi has been seen as one of the most effective, convinient, and economical self-care methods for people with physical disabilities.  The improvement in function for the practinioners has been shown in research studies.  I look forward to offer this class to residents of assisted living facilities. 
If you are interested or know any facilities who might be interested in these program, send me a line via the Contact tab.