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The Fabulous Zumba Golden Girls performing for residents of Chancellor Place
What is Zumba Gold?
Zumba Gold is an additional program offered by Zumba Fitness that is geared towards active older adults and the de-conditioned exerciser.  It is less intense and moves at a slower pace than the regular Zumba. Zumba Gold may even be done in chairs!  In Zumba Gold the instructor may take time to teach the steps. The steps may be broken down so that instead of doing the arms and legs together, for example, only the arm movements are done, then the leg  movements, and then maybe both together.

With Zumba Gold, Zumba Exercise is for Everyone! It allows the active older adult and the de-conditioned exerciser to experience the same party atmosphere as regular Zumba while getting a great workout.  Zumba Gold may use a greater variety of zumba music to relate to the special populations of the class. For example, for active older adults zumba instructors may use Big Band music and broadway tunes in addition to contemporary hip hop and Latin music.  In some classes the volume of the music may be lowered and more verbal cues are used in teaching. (In regular Zumba the instructor usually cues visually rather than calling out the steps.)

Zumba Gold may be just the right pace for those with injuries especially those with knee problems or those who are new to cardio exercise.

Dances that are specifically highlighted in Zumba Gold include the Merengue, Salsa Cha Cha, Cumbia, Salsa, Rock & Roll (including Twist and Charleston), Belly Dance, Flamenco, and Tango. Another program of Zumba Gold includes a chair workout for people who are sedentary or wheelchair bound. This is especially beneficial for those people who are in assisted living, and short and long term care facilities.

With the Baby Boomer population getting older and people living longer, the number of Americans over the age of 65 is expected to double within the next 30-35 years. It only makes sense that the Zumba® Gold Fitness program will continue to grow with the aging population and be extremely popular because of the fun and party like atmosphere and health benefits.

As we age, changes take place in our bodies. We slow down a bit, we may have a few more aches and pains, sometimes we have changes with our blood pressure, body fat percentage, blood sugar, and of course, muscle mass, bone density and strength. It is all part of growing older. The Zumba® Gold  program takes these issues into consideration and strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart. 

A Zumba Gold class will be a little different than a Zumba Basic class. First, the class is usually a little shorter depending on the type of participants. Generally a class will last between 30 to 45 minutes. A longer warm up and cool down period is suggested (usually 10 to 15 minutes). The instructor should always be aware of students’ physical changes and make sure they participate at a level that is comfortable for them. 

I currently teach weekly Zumba Gold classes at Bennett Valley Senior Center and at Monroe Hall.
  Check my class schedule for details.

I used to teach Zumba on Chair to residents of assisted care facilities including those with dementia.  I get tremendous satisfaction seeing the smiling faces of my students who are eager to move their bodies and wave their arms to exciting Latin music in class and from watching them improve in their spirits and  mobility week to week. Most part of the class is done sitting on the chair for people who has medical issues or not up to working out in a standing format. Upper body and lower body toning can be done sitting on a chair.  I'm continuing to  refine my  Zumba Gold program to suit students of different physical fitness levels and hopefully to offer more classes in Santa Rosa to benefit our senior community.  If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in this program, send me a line via the Contact tab.

Active older adults are forever fit with the exhilarating, yet simple to follow steps of Zumba Gold Fitness!
Beto, the founder of Zumba
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