Zumba Fitness with Anna

Feel the music, find the rhythm in your body!

The Story of Anna, the Zumba Instructor:
Anna was born in Taiwan, emigrated to the US at age 15.  Five years prior to reaching the US, Anna also spent five years in Japan as a youngster learning a brand new language.  Anna always loved dancing, the earlier recollection is performing in a big stage in Taipei when she was 5 or 6, for graduating from kindergarden.  Anna joined the modern dance club in her junior high school in Japan and found her passion in dance, travelled weekly by herself to a modern dance studio after school dispite family disapproval.  In her college years at Purdue University studing Computer Science, Anna kept on the hobby of dancing, joining African dance performances at Purdue as well as organizing dance parties for the undergrads.  Upon graduation, Anna moved to Scilicon Vallen and began her career as a software engineer for half a dozen high tech companies while kept on dancing by joining a dance performing group called Bitau Dance Workshop in which she underwent training in Ballet, Modern and Chinese Ethnic dance and performed regularl with the group.  Also at this time, Anna discovered ballroom dancing and went out dancing at local dance studios frequently and took private lessons in American and International ballroom.  To further her ballroom dancing skills, Anna went to Dance Teacher's College at Metrom Ballroom to be trained as a dance instrucor and started to teach private lessons.  Anna's high tech world ended when the tech field took a downturn and Anna got laid off.

Now Anna is a retired software engineer pursuing her lifetime passion of dance by being a Zumba instructor.  After being laid off by a high-tech company in the year 2000, Anna took some time off traveling around the world exploring and studying her two lifetime passion -- self-healing and dance. A graduate of the Acupressure Institute in Berkely and the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, Anna was certified as an advanced acupressure therapist and hypnotherapist; went to China for studying Taichi and Tuina (Chinese massage therapy). On the dance front, Anna went to Argentina for tango, Brazil for samba, Greece for Dance Movement Therapy and Cuba for percussion studies. Anna also went to bartending school and got certified in TESOL (Teacher of English to Speaker of Other Languages) and Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) during this time.  While looking for the next thing to do Anna discovered Zumba at a local gym and immediately thought this is the thing!  Dance-body-mind-motion-music-energy-comradery-fitness-fun-community... all rolled into one!  Ann can utilize all the experiences and training in creating an one-of-a-kind fitness/dance classes that would inspire and help people to live better and happier and healthier lives.  How cool is that!
(... to be continued)